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Classics Tutoring

Classical education and study skills from qualified teachers of Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History


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About Classics Tutoring


We are a group of UK qualified teachers, graduates of Cambridge's PGCE programme, and holders of masters-level qualifications in Classics, Education, and Archaeology.

We aim to offer expert tutoring in Classical languages, literature, and culture. Our approach is informed by our background as secondary school teachers and as researchers. 

Between us we teach all classical subjects at all ages, from beginners to postgraduates. Our students come from all over the world and with many different goals. You might want to learn ancient languages for leisure; you might need to study for exams; or you may want to introduce your child to the stimulating and rewarding classical subjects for the first time. 

In a typical session we might use a variety of Latin or Greek courses, practice grammar through reading and writing exercises, and discuss study skills and methods of learning. Sessions are guided by your specific interests and learning preferences. 

If you would like to discuss your goals, get in touch or book a free 30-minute trial

Our Tutors


Lucy Edwards

Cambridge PGCE and MPhil Classics Graduate

Lucy specialises in advanced Latin and Greek and adult learning at all levels, as well as primary-level Latin and Greek. She also loves exam preparation at which she has an excellent success rate.  

Lucy enjoys working with students to fit regular learning smoothly into their routine, and finding methods of learning which click.


Carlotta Belluzzi

Cambridge BA Classics, MPhil Archaeology, PGCE and MEd Graduate

Carlotta specialises in Latin and Greek at all levels, as well as several modern languages. Carlotta's research interests included ancient archaeology and pedagogy at a university level.

Carlotta is a polyglot and professional translator, and loves to pass on her enthusiasm for language learning.


"Lucy makes me feel very much at ease. She always actively thinks along about how I can best achieve my goals, which is more than just teaching. She also knows a lot about Ancient Rome. She's always got something interesting to add. She is driven, passionate, enthusiastic, serious, patient, well prepared and professional. I highly recommend her!"

Latin Student, April 2020

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